Monday, 21 March 2016

How To Find The Right Tailor?

Are you looking for a right tailor? Cannot find one? need to worry. Just go through these and I am sure you will be able to find one within a matter of days. These are really very helpful tips. 

Find tailors with high review ratings in your city

Look at local review sites for 'alterations and repairs' 'and tailor'. Extra points if you find positive reviews from petite women. This is how I found City Tailors, one of my favourite dress makers in Bristol.

Ask other women or men

If you find any well dressed man or woman, ask him or her about the tailor who has helped them out. This is a great way of finding a fabulous tailor.

Look for tailors that advertise as specialising in ladies bespoke tailoring or custom menswear

Not all tailors specialise in ladies bespoke tailoring or custom menswear. If you are a man you need to look for tailors who offers custom menswear but if you are a woman you need to make sure that the professional whom you are giving your clothes to stitch or alter specialises in women's tailoring. The one who has specialised knowledge can handle all kinds of alterations and repairs. 

Ask clothing stores and high end boutiques where they send their customers for tailoring

The boutiques and clothing stores can be of great help to you in finding you the right tailor for your need. This is because most of the tailors have a good reputation and so works with best of the best.

Ask the tailor to show a piece of their work

This is a good idea. Before you give him or her the piece to stitch, alter or repair, make sure that the garments that has already been worked on by them have stitches that look good and symmetrical. If you find that the garment is a misshaped piece of work, run!

Give them an easy alteration or repair work before giving out the expensive one

This will be a test for them. By giving an easy job you will be able to know whether he or she will be able to meet your needs.

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